Inspiration : Matte lipsticks in Multiple shades

Good morning for those who are from good morning! Here is a beautiful and inspiring image for those who likes makeup, and even more so , for those who enjoy our darlings : lipsticks ! ( I bet almost all we love , is not it ?! ) . The lipsticks are very present items … Continue reading Inspiration : Matte lipsticks in Multiple shades


College Packing Tips

Basically, college keep us crazy in some semesters, so, be an organized type of person is an survival item. rs So, to try to be organized and survives this tips are the most praticals and usefull! Xoxo!

an endless weekend

It’s that time of year again! The summer always comes and goes in just a blink of an eye and before I know it I’m starting to pack up all my stuff again. Sometimes I have things that never even get unpacked it’s crazy. I love being a college student and living on my own but packing up all my stuff is the absolute worst!! Now that I’m going on my fourth year I’ve got this whole packing thing down pretty good. Keep reading to find out my tips for packing success 🙂

Start At Least One Week Before Departure Date

If you are going to listen to any of these tips this is definitely the one to try out! It may seem almost impossible to pack a week before leaving because what are you supposed to wear and use the entire next week but trust me it all works…

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Mad Hatter Tea Party-#deiseblogger event 

A really nice exposition about an event…There’s so many pretty pics on this post! I like the author exposed the points of the speeches, like how to be discipline to take care of health, and the makeups, womans job! I liked so much her style, she’s so pretty and elegant! And the event decoration was pretty too!


Heya all like if I tell you this summer has been packed full of activities. Like so many events have been on and unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog about them all but if you don’t follow me on snapchat please do Chicmaddyas I usually always snap whenever I attend events. So on the 7th of August the Waterford bloggers had an event and the amazing thing also was that we were raising money forPieta . Each blogger made a donation instead of paying an entry fee and there was also raffles tickets been sold and boy was Lady Luck by my side because I won a prize.

On entrance toKazbar Waterfordthis caught my eyes. The theme was mad hatter tea party.

Giving my donation and getting my name tag

The works that was put in for the event was amazing.The theme was Mad Hatter…

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Chokers – How to wear them (And how not to)

I agree with all the text! Excelent post! xoxo!

Life Lessons with Lucy

For a long time I have considered chokers a dubious sartorial statement. I think my distaste roots in the nauseating flashback I get of those stringy ‘tattoo’ chokers in every party bag of every kids party I ever went to (along with the obligatory dodgy cake wrapped in napkin).

But now, summer around the corner, I am considering whether I have unreasonably tarred them with an unfashionable, tacky, noughties brush. I’m not sure if it’s solely the summer For Love and Lemons campaign, or if it’s the deluge of supermodels sporting them, but I think, when worn well, I might just love them.

So here’s a few tips of how to pull them off, and not look like said over-indulged children.


1. Avoid the really thick ones

Unless you’re a super model or giraffe, the super thick chokers are hard to pull off. Skinny velvet or silk in neutral colours are the easiest…

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Top 3 July Beauty Must Haves: Wishlist

Beauty items! Niiice! The Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eye Palate loks really discreat, and the Mac x Giambattista Valli Collection seams to have nothing more or less than fabulous! xoxo

Derpy Pink

Happy 1st of July and to everyone here in Canada, Happy Canada Day!!! I am so excited for July, mainly because there are so many amazing products being launched this month.  After having read so many reviews and talking to people who have had the chance to try them, I can’t wait for their launch. Here are the top 3 products I really want to try.

MAKEUP FOREVER Ultra HD Foundation 

Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation

The original Makeup Forever HD foundation has been my holy grail foundation since I started wearing foundation. Every time someone asks me for a foundation recommendation this is what I recommend. With the Ultra HD foundation, they have changed the formula and from what I hear it’s only better. I have yet to read even one negative review about this one. Plus they have a lot more shades now (40 shades). I am so excited to try it. I feel like…

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First impressions -Lacura Face Care Hyaluronic Activator 

It’s really nice to read when a product really works.! xoxo


Skin care brand Lacura from Aldi seems to be goin from strength to strength. Gaining a solid fan base, Lacura offers the ingredients and technology used in much higher end products, but at a fraction of the price.

Unlucky for me, I missed out on their Caviar range last month, which was tipped to be a good match for the La Prairie caviar face cream – but costing only £6.99 per 50 ml instead of La Prairies £292 per 50ml.Wowzers.

After spotting the Hyaluronic acid products in their special buys this month, I decided to give the Hyaluronic activator a go. It claims to stimulates the skins own production of Hyaluronic acid, which is known to allow the skin to retain much more moisture to reduce the look of fine lines and ageing. The other ingredients, including sea algae and ginger extract, give the skin a plumped up glow.


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Louis Vuitton Pochette Clés – Key Pouch Unboxing & Review

Cool! What an inteligent postI really think the bag charm is more charming rs I think it increments the bag, with an item that composites the bags colections! Xoxo!



If you’ve read my Michael Kors Frankie Crossbody handbag review, then you know that a small handbag requires some adjustment as to the types of small leather goods you can carry.

When looking for a small leather good, I find versatility is the way to go. The Louis Vuitton Pochette Clés or Key Pouch is the perfect example of a multi-use product. You really get your money’s worth here.

IMG_7662 Cléfs Pochette

But let’s start with what you get : a pouch or purse attached to a key chain in a beautiful cardboard box with a silk tab to a pull out drawer. This box can be used to store the obvious your Clés but if you’re into boxes (I know my mom just loves them) then you can also reuse it for jewelry and such.

The Pochette Clés comes in a small cream colored dust bag with Louis Vuitton…

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